Aboriculture Consultancy

A significant part of the service we offer involves advice and professional reports for the management of single or small groups of trees.

Wherever you are, you are likely to encounter trees. As well as offering significant value to our wellbeing and landscape environment a tree will need management at some stage in its life. This is particularly the case where changes to surroundings are planned.

Trees are often protected by law particularly when associated with land development and planning applications.

Our Services Cover:

  • Compilation of Tree Condition Reports complying to
    BS5837-2005 Trees in Relation to Construction
  • Tree Risk Management Reports
  • Insurance Reports
  • General Health Assessment
  • Species Selection Plans and Ground Condition Reports
  • Planting Plans and Maintenance Programmes
  • Tree Mapping Plans and Arboriculture Surveys
  • Felling and Tree Surgery Applications
  • Tree Surgery Operations