Woodland Harvesting & Woodland Creation

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Project: Woodland Harvesting & Woodland Creation

Client Category: Private Landowners, Developers, Architects, District and Local Authorities

IWS Services: Harvesting, Woodland Establishment

Scope of Work: With too many projects to indentify individually, we detail here some general contracting services undertaken.

As well as managing 5,300 acres of woodland under long-term client arrangements, Independent Woodland Services also provide a comprehensive range of contracting services.

Over the past two years we have:

  • Established 102 hectares of new woodland.
  • Established 10,400m of mixed rural hedgerow.
  • Harvested and marketed 15,200m3 of timber.
  • Installed 7,900m of protective fencing.
  • Constructed new woodland roads and timber storage facilities.
  • Created ponds and lakes.
  • Provided site clearances services on 27 individual sites.

Our contracting services continue to expand with many clients utilising or cost efficient, responsive and professional approach to all projects.

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