St Francis Hospital, Haywards Heath. East Sussex

Case Studies

Woodland and Tree Management Services

Project: St Francis Hospital, Haywards Heath. East Sussex

Client Category: New Build Housing Developer, Ecology Consultancy Practice

IWS Services: Contracting Services. Woodland Removal, Soil Translocation, Fencing, Planting and Vegetation Clearance

Scope of Work: This large project involved the initial felling and chipping of 3.5 hectares of neglected woodland, stripping of a similar size agricultural field and the translocation of woodland soil. The purpose is to mitigate the loss of woodland and re-create a future woodland habitat similar to the one lost. The project took two years to complete and involved working closely with specialised sub-contractors, local planning authorities and ecological experts.

The project demonstrates the scope of our services, control of budgetary constraints and operational versatility.

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