Ileden Woodlands

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Woodland Management and Consultancy Services

Project: Ileden Woodlands

Client Category: Private Landowner. Woodland Management

IWS Services: Woodland Consultancy, Woodland Management and Forestry Contracting

Scope of Work: Independent Woodland Services has worked with our client since an interest was expressed to purchase the woodland. Initially we completed a woodland valuation and pre-purchase report. This provided our client with an un-bias overview of woodland content, condition and value. Following our report, the current owner bought the woodland and has since worked with Independent Woodland Services to restore many neglected areas.

Extending to 200 acres, the woodlands at Ileden are a traditional mix of broadleaved and conifer woodland. Nestled on the Kent Downs, Ileden has history of intensive coppice management which has benefitted recreational and sporting use.

Recent works has involved the harvesting of 2500m3 coniferous timber, planting of 12,500 native broadleaved trees and regular mixed under-wood coppicing.

Much of the work is supported by the Forestry Commission with future plans to continuously enhance a significant area designated as a SSSI.

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