Big Millhole Woodland

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Woodland Management and Consultancy Services

Project: Big Millhole Woodland

Client Category: Private Landowner Woodland Management

IWS Services: Woodland Consultancy, Woodland Management and Forestry Contracting

Scope of Work: The woodland has been owned by our client since 1999 and IWS is proud to be associated with both client and woodland. Recent years have seen Big Millhole transformed from a neglected and under managed woodland in to a diverse, interesting and beautiful property.

Work has focused on increasing public access, with the assistance of grants from the Forestry Commission, improving habitats for raptors, woodland birds, heathland species and a variety of other flora and fauna. Capital work has involved the removal of undesirable coniferous species and replacing them with natural broadleaved woodland, construction of tracks and paths and access control.

Big Millhole Woodland is an outstanding example of lowland, mixed species woodland, sound woodland management and the partnership approach between IWS and Mr and Mrs Isdell.

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